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How Traditional Family Cultural Survive in the Future Essay Example for Free

How Traditional Family Cultural Survive in the Future Essay Conventional organizations are fundamental and significant for a nation. These uncovers the stunning society and propensities for country. These are the most appealing spots where outsiders visit at whatever point they show up to the land. Outsiders additionally purchase customary items which is hard to be purchased in their places and be put at their home for their appearance and recognitions of the spots where they visited. For outsiders as well as for nearby individuals, customary items show how an individual love culture and convention of that country. They assume a significant job in the standard of country, so it is unimaginable for them to be vanished in spite of the fact that they get a little method to progress. At the point when a nation turns out to be progressively evolved, there is a lesser number of customary business. The different business are supported and conventional organizations are changed into these organizations since they are moderately increasingly simple to succeed and can get more benefit. Customary organizations are made by people and can't be subbed by others. Hence, they are excessively costly for fundamental individuals to purchase and use them. The other subbed things are handled by machines and normalized. They produce in huge amounts and get economy of scale and can be sold in low cost. The fundamental pick the less expensive one for their day by day utilize the amount they love their convention. In any case, the nation depends on essential class, not on high society. The requests go down and conventions need to rely upon outsiders and high society, particularly. There is somewhat chance for each conventional culture business to endure despite the fact that it can't be vanished from the market. All need to change and improve new things. Their administration style, creation process direction must be updated. Practically all customary organizations are sole brokers. Their accounts, calling and capacity to do are restricted. Just the individual who drives the business choose what to do, how to do and who need to do. The other part are excluded from the choice, different individuals from the family or the floor laborers. They need to change this since ones calling is restricted, the choice might be exceptionally quick yet may not be in the same class as one choosing by many. They don't have any exact archives. Some just have Cash Book, Debtors book and Creditors book. They never draw any fiscal report and never check their pay and costs. A few firms might not have any of these, they hold the money to the drawers when something is sold. Furthermore, toward the day's end, they hold it to the cabinet. And furthermore their valuing, they set the cost over the expense of creation. Costs are not set stable. Client must have full information to get merchandise with right cost. The creation forms are made to be smooth. Not all the procedures let human make. Making conventional things must be made by human however helped by machine. It can reduce time, make lower cost of creation and can control the quality. Machines are more exact than human. For instance, during the time spent creation pots, they are terminated with woods by people. Rather than this broilers can be supplanted. They can be terminated with exact temperature and woods needn't bother with. It can diminish the expense and wages can be decreased. To do these, innovation is the key point. These days, we work together underway direction. We do the best, yet we don't have a clue what the clients need, we don't discover what they need from us. We need to change into promoting direction. We should discover what client needs, how might we satisfy their desire. We need to investigate available. Individuals are exhausted when they get the just a single thing. They generally need most up to date thing, they generally look for in us. We need to make advancement dependent on the convention. It is critical to have extraordinary consideration not missing custom. outsiders are principle clients for the customary market. Despite the fact that we can create the items, we are frail in advertise dispersion. in this way, we should require association to improve conventional business. we should make web site about conventional business. we should make information circulation of convention to the nearby. we ought to associate with movement the travel industry .so ,they acquaint with visit our industry. Also, we clarify the creation procedure bit by bit altogether .we ought to make the plan update. In conventional employment, primary issue is uncommon crude material. In the event that we meet this issue , we should think the another method to substitute with other.

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Grendel as a Sympathetic Character Essay

Would you be able to envision being conceived and consequently being viewed as abhorrent? This is the thing that happens to Grendel. All through the book everyone’s sentiments towards Grendel is that of a terrible individual or animal. In Grendel my compassion toward Grendel vacillates. Grendel begins as a thoughtful character since he is a guiltless inquisitive kid with a mother who doesn’t talk, and lives in a cavern. As the story proceeds onward Grendel is misconstrued then begins to settle on choices that makes my compassion toward him decline. All through the book there are three phases to Grendels’ life. The primary stage begins with his youth, which he spends investigating and addressing. He in the end finds the pool of firesnakes and the land after it is first experience with a bigger world loaded with peril and information. The subsequent stage begins when a bull assaults Grendel; this instructs Grendel that the world is loaded with risk and makes him question the significance of life. Grendel attempts to make sense of the significance of life by seeing how people experience life and it intrigues him. While Grendel is caught and getting assaulted by a bull a few people mediate and see him caught. Grendel has a go at conversing with the people and request help, and out of nowhere they assault Grendel on the grounds that they don't get him and dread him as a result of his appearance. Grendel’s mother acts the hero to spare her child. How might one be a beast yet be spared by his mom? This is a case of my compassion toward Grendel who is a misconstrued animal. Grendel in the long run perceives how Hrothgar treats different people and concludes that he doesn't care for what he does to them. He in the long run assaults the individuals in the mead lobby the entirety of the officers, which causes me to lose compassion toward him yet I could perceive any reason why he does it. It is an individual inclination Grendel has towards Hrothgar. Grendel is a character that experiences numerous phases all through the story, yet to be conceived from abhorrent doesn't really make you insidious. He was only an inquisitive little animal who was still pampered by his mom to start with and afterward learns of people and doesn't care for the way that they treat one another and in the end is murdered by Beowulf.

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Business Portfolio Project Management

Question: Examine about the contextual investigation Business Portfolio for Project Management. Answer: Learning results of the course Depiction of experience Learnings from my experience Reference 1. Recognized what type of fund is better for which segment. In this course I had learnt different elements to be considered before choosing any sort of money for subsidizing of task. As per my experience, I could state that open association looks for open fund such value and obligation and then again private parts lean toward credits having a low-financing cost. (Race 2010, p. 58) 2. Information about assets from where assets can be profited for enormous undertakings. I had the option to upgrade my insight into Information about the development of complete fund. The account comprises of three sections: value, working capital and credit. For any undertaking; we can obtain assets from these three regions if necessary. (Finnerty 2013,Pp.25-30). 3. Data about assortment of advances. Got mindful with new terms as fare credit and Bilateral Aid offices Development Loans. A huge degree is accessible for acquiring reserves. Subsequently if your base is solid you effectively get the assets as on account of fare credits and business advances. These sorts of advances advance business everywhere scale. (Timmins 2008, p. 115). 4. Degree to which loan specialist can guarantee. I was amazed with the reality which came to me that all loan specialist doesn't have comparable advantages and fitting examination is basic before determination. The bank can't guarantee over the estimation of advantages of the task on which credit was taken. (Paravisini, Rappoport and Ravina, 2016, P.12) 5. Hazard related with fund Different elements to be considered before taking an advance. On the off chance that the advance is taken in other money as on account of remote advances, all things considered, hazard in regards to variance in the estimation of the cash is related with the advance. This hazard can be constrained by Interest rate trade technique. In the wake of considering the loan fee and estimation of the cash appropriate move ought to be made. (Race 2010, p. 58) 6. Not all cash is required at beginning of undertaking. I had discovered that the undertaking is bifurcated in various stages. Various assets rely upon the period of the task. I broke down during my course that one cannot decide at the hour of beginning a task about the assets which are to be required for the venture. (Faccio, Marchica and Mura, 2016, Pp. 5-7) 7. Investigation before beginning task The sort of conditions which emerges before projection. The target of the task is finished up before acquiring legal endorsements. Planning and financing are settled in the wake of taking authorization with respect to extend from proper specialists. (Finnerty 2013, Pp.25-30). 8. Working pace as a basic factor It assumes a significant job in any task The achievement and disappointment of any task rely upon the speed on which it is worked. On the off chance that in the wake of getting endorsement from proper specialists the undertaking isn't begun inside a sensible period, at that point, all things considered, the speculators and agents who have put their assets in the venture can lose their certainty and can guarantee their cash back. (Faccio, Marchica and Mura, 2016, Pp. 5-7) 9. Upgraded with information on key parameters of a task. The contemplations which ought to be taken by moneylenders and targets of the advance. As per the examination, it very well may be said that advance term credit with fixed financing cost is demonstrated valuable than different advances. A significant concern ought to be given towards circumstance because of which danger of renegotiating emerges. Before giving advance the size of task and breakeven dates ought to be appropriately considered by the moneylender. (Timmins 2008, p. 115). References Race, P., 2010. A Practical Guide to Assessment, Learning and Teaching. Abingdon, England: Routledge. Timmins, F., 2008. Understanding Portfolios: An Introduction to Portfolio use for Nursing Students. Glasgow, Scotland: McGraw-Hill Education. Paravisini, D., Rappoport, V. also, Ravina, E., 2016. Hazard avoidance and riches: Evidence from individual to-individual loaning portfolios. The board Science. P 12. Finnerty, J.D., 2013. Undertaking financing: Asset-based money related designing. John Wiley Sons. Pp. 25-30. Faccio, M., Marchica, M.T. also, Mura, R., 2016. President sexual orientation, corporate hazard taking, and the effectiveness of capital distribution. Diary of Corporate Finance. Pp. 5-7.

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Essay on Good Leaders Could be Great Politicians

Can Good Leaders Become Great Politicians? A leader is any person who is appointed to be in charge of a body or a group of people and to take care of all their interests in an impartial way. He has to be strong mentally and able to guide his followers to success based on facts and considering the risks involved in making a move towards a specific set of goals. A politician, on the other hand, is a person who leads a group of people with common interests and holds or aspires to hold a position in a government. He has to be elected by the masses and has the obligation to represent their interests in the office that he holds and lead his or her subjects towards a bright future based on their interests. He must have great leadership skills in order to be considered successful. One of the qualities of a great leader is the ability to be unselfish. A good leader must put the interests of his people first. One of the main challenges that a leader faces is ensuring that he considers the people’s interests above his own ones when making any decision. For instance, he has to award a tender. Some leaders fall into the temptation of awarding tenders to companies in which they have interests and end up paying more than they should at the expense of the organization that they are in charge of. If such a leader went ahead to be a politician in charge of a country, he or she would make inter-governmental deals, for example, import of goods, based on what they will gain on a personal level instead of looking at what the deal will be worth to the country. However, a leader who overcomes such a challenge will definitely make a great politician. Being impartial is another quality of a good leader. The ability to treat everyone equally will make a difference between a good and a bad leader. Some organization heads will allocate staff to departments based on the ones they favor and not the ones that deserve it. This leads to some overstaffed and understaffed departments of the same organization, which affects the overall performance. An impartial leader will make a great politician, as he will allocate resources to the whole country based on its needs and not on whether the region supported him or her to the office or not. They will also appoint people to government offices based on their performance and not on their political affiliation. This will be to the benefit of the whole country and not just of a particular region. Good decision making is another aspect of good leadership. Leaders have a responsibility to make decisions on behalf of the people who have appointed them to the position and the interests of the organization. Inability to do this leads to formation of poor policies and guidelines to the detriment of the company. The same case applies to a politician who is the President of a country. His sound decision making will lead to the development of his country politically, socially and economically. On the other hand, poor decision making will result in slow economic development, political instability and other unpleasant consequences. Another aspect of a good leader is the ability to inspire. Being a leader involves guiding people positively and giving them hope in tough times. The world financial crisis was one of the challenges that called for inspiration of the people by their leaders. Companies were facing losses and had to make tough decisions, for example, budget cuts and staff retrenchment in order to stay afloat. Leaders who managed to inspire their staff through the tough financial times by giving them hope for a brighter future managed to guide their organizations through the crisis and quickly recover after the stabilization of the world economy. Such leaders would make great political heads, as they are able to inspire their countries through various social and economic challenges. These include unemployment, famine, poor housing and social security. We have an example of the current president of the United States of America who provided inspirational leadership through the world financial crisis. This turned out to be one of the reasons the people voted for him at the presidential elections. Another aspect of a good leader is the ability to inspire. Being a leader involves guiding people positively and giving them hope in tough times. The world financial crisis was one of the challenges that called for inspiration of the people by their leaders. Companies were facing losses and had to make tough decisions, for example, budget cuts and staff retrenchment in order to stay afloat. Leaders who managed to inspire their staff through the tough financial times by giving them hope for a brighter future managed to guide their organizations through the crisis and quickly recover after the stabilization of the world economy. Such leaders would make great political heads, as they are able to inspire their countries through various social and economic challenges. These include unemployment, famine, poor housing and social security. We have an example of the current president of the United States of America who provided The four examples above are some of the many pointers to the fact that a good leader will make a great politician. A great leader is a product of good leadership and there is no way we can separate the two of them. A successful politician must have all the qualities of good leader, otherwise his or her government will be lacking in many aspects and this will affect the country’s growth negatively.

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Gender Roles in Canada - 1202 Words

Gender roles within society have changed continuously over time, and with the use of primary sources, it can be seen first-hand what it was like during the time in which it was written. In the source, â€Å"Parallel Qualities of the Sexes,† the opinion of one writer is seen through the poem. Because this is just one person’s opinion, it is important to determine whether or not the statements made are truthful to the time period in which it was written. There are a number of questions to be taken into consideration when deciding whether or not a source is or is not credible, such as the gender of the writer, who the audience is, and what can be presumed about the author through the work itself. The credibility of the source then relies on the†¦show more content†¦In History of the Canadian Peoples, it is shown that in the Maritime Colonies, there was a â€Å"fundamental inequality† of the sexes and that patriarchy, which is a â€Å"belief that men should have power over women and children† was promoted in colonial society. The simple mention of having power over women challenges the beliefs put forward in the source. There cannot be equality between the sexes to anyShow MoreRelatedMy Life Chances within Canadian Society Essay1451 Words   |  6 PagesChinese-Canadian, with respect to my social location based on race, class, gender, and sexuality, believe that they will affect my life chances in the post-industrial societies such as Canada. First of all, let me briefly describe my family background. I was born in the communist country of China. My family immigrated to Canada in the year of 1992. We were an average income family in China. However, after moving into Canada, we became a family that lies below poverty line. Since my parents both doRead MoreEconomic and Social Progress in Canada1720 Words   |  7 PagesSince universal suffrage, women have made tremendous economic and social progress in Canada. Canada has been c alled a world leader in the promotion and protection of womens rights and gender equality, (Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada). Yet a hundred years after universal suffrage, gender disparity continues to exist in Canada. Gender disparity is evident in the political, economic, and social spheres. Political disparity refers to the lack of adequate representation of women inRead MoreSaudi Arabian and Canadian Culture844 Words   |  4 PagesI will talk about a topic in the social sciences and the theme that I have chosen from the curriculum goal is: â€Å"define the concept of culture and provide examples of how culture, gender roles and family relation varies from place to place and how it change over time. I will have Saudi Arabia and Canada as the focus. I am going to start by define what Culture means, introduce the countries and talk about the Points in my curriculum goal. About culture The concept culture have some difficult meaningsRead MoreA Brief Note On Global Gender Inequality Issues1334 Words   |  6 Pages Global Gender Inequality Issues Continuing Problem Gains and Progress More than 110 million children in the world are not in school. Among them two third of it accounts for girls. Some of the developing countries including Jamaica, Philippines and South Africa has worked on gender inequalities and made such policies that women literacy rate has gone higher. Women represents an average of less than 10% in the parliaments of various countries around the world. In 2005 Iraqi government decided thatRead MoreGender Inequality Within The Workplace Essay1502 Words   |  7 PagesThe movement of promoting gender equality is exponentially growing every year; however, gender inequality is still a persistent problem in today’s workforce. Each year, gender inequality, especially employment equity, the distinct barrier between genders in the workforce, has become a topic of contention as its affecting working individuals worldwide, especially women. Before examining this problem, we must further understand what gender inequality is in the workplace. Gender inequality is an ascriptiveRead MoreThe Canadian Border Services Agency852 Words   |  4 Pagesplay specific gender roles. In Canada women and men are thought of as equal, having the same rights to respect, autonomy, and independence (Bonvillain and Miller 2013: 39). The Canadian Border Services Agency ignored this right when the agency allowed religious travelers to avoid female guards. Although men and women may have different roles in their households and communities, their work and activities are equally valued and socially rewarded (Bonvillain and Miller 2013: 39). These roles play an importantRead MoreWhy The Gender Pay Gap Essay1692 Words   |  7 PagesVincent (2013) provides a quantitative and qualitative analysis on why the gender pay gap exists in Canada by researching, studying, analyzing, and interpreting over 39 different sources of Canadian micro data and finds that the gender pay gap has decreased over the years but still persists even in younger generations, less than a third of the pay gap can be explained through females over-occupying lower sector jobs, women placing a larger emphasize on non- monetary related aspects of a jobRead MoreThe Feminist Movement Has Done Much For Some Women897 Words   |  4 Pagesimportant role, in many places including Canada. However, as Katha Pollitt (2007) stated, â€Å"The feminist movement has done much for some women, but it has hardly turned America into a playground free of sex roles† (p. 543). Studies conducted by Statistics Canada show that 1976 to 2005, women have increased their labor force participation greatly, and men have increased their time spent doing housework over the same span (Marshall, 2006, p.7). I believe that the Feminist Revolution, in Canada, is unfinishedRead MoreHow Paper has revolutionized the World1574 Words   |  7 Pagesthroughout his novel All That Matters. The journey into Canada for the Chen family was made possible by the existence of falsified immigration documents. These papers gave the Chen family the opportunity for a better life in a new country and provided a means of liberating them from their old life. However, it was these same papers that applied a constant constraint to each person’s freedom, erecting barriers in the formation of identity and dictating roles rather than allowing the characters to create theirRead MoreGender Inequality And The Status Of Women Within Canada939 Words   |  4 PagesGender Inequality and the Status of Women within Canada It was only after several years of working as an executive that I realized that I had been born with a natural aptitude for an executive role. Prior to this realization, I had perceived myself as someone who had ‘fluked’ into the job—it was my father’s business and he had passed away, the company needed a president and I was executor of the estate. Despite the fact that I was asked to stay on as Marketing Director by the two lawyers who bought

Professional Skills Development SWOT Analysis

Question: Discuss about the Professional Skills Development for SWOT Analysis. Answer: Introduction: The main objective of this report is to evaluate the significance of the critical thinking on the context of ICT professionals. For the better understanding of the presentation for an ICT professional analytical tool of such as SWOT has also been incorporated. Strategies have been recommended to overcome the shortfalls. Apart from that, the reflection of the personal experience has been included here that involves both the positive and negative side of the incident along with the recommendation to avoid such mishaps further. Moreover, working ethics have been described here as well as the personal opinions on different issues related to the workplace. Feedback has also been taken to understand how the course has satisfied the learning outcomes along with the justification on the reason behind the comments. Week 3 Critical Thinking Part A: Definition of critical thinking and its importance: Critical thinking involves the application of the collected information to gain particular outcomes, assessment of the data and finally incorporation of the concluding part that must be relevant to the assessment. In my opinion, critical thinking can be defined as the way of thinking that might involve any type contents and problems Critical thinking always required an evaluation of the connection between my logics and the ideas. The argument is one of the principal components for the critical thinking as it helps in the most proper construction of any thinking (Paterson, Roodt and Moleke 2015). During any problem in a particular part of work, critical thinking has helped me to sort out that problem systematically without harming the other parts of the work. As critical thinking detects the common mistakes I can also improve my skill by avoiding any inconsistency in a task. For this new age of the society, where fluctuation of the situations is typical, flexibility to the intellectua l skill is necessary so that effective decision can be made by allowing analysis of the information and integrating the diverse knowledge. Critical thinking is thus essential for the implementation of the analytical and systematic thinking. Individual can improve their efficiency through the application of critical thinking as it includes self-monitored, self-disciplined, self-directed and self-corrective thinking style (Omar and Noordin 2013) Part B: Significance of critical thinking for ICT professionals: Objective of the critical thinking is to analyze the entire topic and evaluate the process whether it is wrong or right so that correct judgment can be made on the concerned issue. For the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) professionals critical analysis is fundamental criteria to be followed. The primary function of an ICT is to maintain the constant communication with the society. Three unique aspects behind the importance of the critical thinking for the ICT professional can be as below: According to, Prestridge (2012), critical thinking involves few dimensions such as application, analysis, synthesis of the information and communicate with the world afterward. ICT professionals can leave the impact on the socio-economic structure as they can access to the information of the economy and transact the cost for the needy. ICT professional promote the significant social factors such promotion of the women empowerment, gender equality and health services. For a country that has the most advanced service of the ICT, that can lead the global market efficiently as it makes the country integrated with every part of the society. Both the financial and social issues become accessible to the regarding authority and ICT professional can mark the issues as per the priority by analyzing the gathered data. Social connection involves both the positive and adverse impact; thus ICT professionals are require assessing the outcome of an action conducting the synthesis and analysis of that proper judgment can be concluded (Whiting and Williams 2013). Week 5 SWOT Analysis SWOT analysis of presentation skills: Strengths: Body language is the primary attribute for the presentation skill. Another important factor is the way of delivering the speech to the audience. It is imperative to maintain the eye contact with the audience so that they can connect with the topic of the presentation. Weakness: Lack of confidence is the principal weakness during the presentation. It also results in nervousness while presenting the topic in front of the audience. Moreover, addressing somebody during the presentation is another weak aspect. It becomes confusing to address a person, required during the presentation. Threats: Presentation skills differ for the different presenter. Professional way of delivering the performance is required along with the full command over the talent of communication. Various approaches are present to speak about the topic; hence lack of expertise and control of the speech can be a matter of threat for the presenter. Opportunity: The primary opportunity for the ICT professional is learning the appropriate way of the communication to others. It helps to obtain a practical approach to the communication by enhancing the ability of the professional. Another scope is the increment of the self-development while working as ICT professional, as it involves much analysis of the application. Strategies to overcome the weakness: mprovement of the communication skill: Expertise and command over the analytical finding must be maintained for an efficient and successful communication. Self-confidence can be increased with the help of enhancement of the communication skill. One can adopt the friendly and supportive body language that will make the approach of communication more reliable engaging more people in an interaction (Weckert and Lucas 2013). In the presentation, information can be provided to increase the validity of the topic along with making the audience more attached to the reality. Interaction with the people: The main objective of the ICT professionals is to maintain the most efficient interaction with the people as well as the world. Thus, maintaining of the right relationship is mandatory to hold the strong communicative relations with each other. ICT professionals are trained to make the presentations so that sound interaction can be acquired. To enhance the communication skill one can also take the help of the social sites that involves numerous activities that can result into an increment of the communicative behavior for the professional. Week 7 Reflective writing on the experience Description of the experience: In the 21st century it is the trend to be socially connected with the others, across the globe as well, via different social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, linkedIn etc. As per, Moran, Abramson and Moran (2014), around 45% of the people takes an interest in the social sites to contact their near and dear ones. As advanced technology has improved the communication methods, it has also brought its side effects along with it. For instance, I can provide my experience of an adverse outcome of social networking site. I have a profile on LinkedIn, where I have provided my personal details along with my address and contact number. All was perfect until strange phone calls started coming. I got scared as the person used to tell me every detail. I started feeling of someone is stalking me. It all stopped after I ceased to responding to the strange calls and changing of my contact number. I also customized my profile settings with the help of ICT professionals from the LinkedIn. Reflection of the experience and contribution of reflection: From my experience, it can be said that social media is not entirely secure for the users and can be vulnerable if personal details are used for the wrong purpose. Social networks might provide an easy and effective way to connect with people; however, maintenance of the user's security is the paramount concern that must be followed by the respective authority. For my contribution it can be said, I should have followed all the terms and condition prior to the provision of the personal details. Moreover, checking all the settings of the social site is another essential requirement while creating an account on the LinkedIn. I have already shared the negative impact of using social networking site and for the positive impact of my experience; I can say that I will be more careful for the next time whenever I am using the social networking sites. As per the learning from my experience, I have understood the fact that social sites can be useful to some extent while it is being used as the medium of the communication; however, due to the proper supervision of the activities of the users' temperament of the security can be occurred. As I had given my personal details on a social site; people who have created their profile for no reason and just to peer over other's profile, they have got a chance to get entertained by disturbing other people. However, this type of situation can be avoided by providing an alternative number that is not personally used; moreover, an active step can be taken by making the security issues as the matter of attraction to ITC professionals of the concerned sites. As I mentioned before, going through the terms and conditions of the sites is mandatory to be aware of the requirements and criteria for a social site. The situation has been handled before the further complications have arisen. I have understood the importance of maintaining the personal details and keeping it safe from any violation. I will be more sincere while using any other social networking sites. The negative impact of this experience is that the incident has affected my personal life making me vulnerable to any unknown person. On this regard, ICT professionals must adopt modified strategies overcome the security issues and breaching of the policies. They must sophisticate their tools to monitor harmful activities of the user such as an invasion of the privacy. Week 11 Personal Ethical Framework Perception to be a real ICT professional: ICT professionals are provided a number of code of conducts as the guideline for their activities. It helps them to follow all the principles and ethics of their working criteria such as maintenance of the dignity and efficacy of their profession along with being honest to their professional standards. ACS code of ethics: ACS Code of Ethics involves the criteria as follows: More focus on the Public Interests: This ethical issue states that, clients and public concern would be given highest priority over any personal interest. Every effective measure must be taken by the ICT professional to fulfill the requirements of the public so that effective communication can be built. Honesty: Honesty to the profession is one of the primary criteria for the ICT professionals. This code of ethics makes the professional to be honest with their skill representation, knowledge and products. Competence: This approach states that professionals must provide the service diligently to the clients and will be competently dedicated towards the stakeholders of the company. Improvement of the professionalism: ICT professionals must be active to develop their professional requirement along with their co-workers and other staffs. Professional development should also influence the improvement of the society. Impact on the community: ACS code of ethics also covers the social aspects as it guides the professionals to enhance the standard of the life those are related to the work or have been affected by some actions of ICT practitioners. Statements on my work ethics: As per my working ethics, all the ACS code of ethics must be followed. I agree to the principles of "honesty" as it keeps my works transparent resulting into less complication. Moreover, I also follow the ethics of improvement of the quality of the life as it is necessary to leave a positive impact on the society so that my dignity of professionalism gets unaffected. Significant values: Loyalty to the profession as well as for the colleagues and stakeholders is essential for me. Apart from the development of my professionalism is another valuable approach; communication system could be more efficient if the ICT professionals enhance their skill and apply their strategy in more integrated way (Weckert and Lucas 2013) Ways to communicate with the colleagues: It is not possible to provide an uninterrupted service if the intercommunication among the ICT professionals are fragile (Burmeister et al. 2014) Unstable interactive relations negatively affect the integrity of a system. I have adopted a friendly approach to my colleagues so that any discussion can be made with less hesitation. However, I never support the person if he has done any breaching of the policy. I tend to be supportive where it is required; however, I never outweigh my professional ethics by the over friendliness in the workplace. Balancing the working diversity: Liberal thinking is the only way to balance the diverse cultural practices in an organization (Lindley et al.2013). For ICT professionals, logics and analysis are not the only options; they must allow the emotional attributes also. It is not required to support the practices of a colleague who belongs to a different background; however, there is no need to oppose the practices and beliefs also. Religious and cultural beliefs are very sensitive for an individual; thus, adjustment and support is required to maintain a healthy working environment as long as the practices are not arrayed with the rules and regulations of the company. Week 12 Portfolio: Successful Completion The importance of the Information and Communication Technology lies with the advanced and sophisticated social practices worldwide. People can connect with the greater population in less time by applying the ICT activities. Part A: Justification The important outcomes learned from this eight-course learning outcomes are communicating effectively to the people; presentation has enhanced my self-confidence along with the increment of the analytical findings. Moreover, ICT activities required co-ordination among the teammates; thus my co-operative skill has been improved. This learning outcome has encouraged the creativity through the presentation of the topics. Apart from that, there is a clear explanation on the code of ethics whereas the importance of the securing the social networking sites have also been drawn to the matter of attention allowing the share of personal experience. It has validated the real problems one can have while using the social networking site. Furthermore, this learning outcome has helped in the self-evaluation of ICT professionals. Part B: Feedback The first thing I have liked most of this course is the learning about how I can improve my presentation skills. Next one is about the strategies those I can channelize for my skill development and improvement of the communication. Security concerns should be taken more seriously as it is one of the important problems in the present scenario. There are a large number of people who are suffering from the security invasion while using the social networking sites. Apart from that, there are different ways of communication; however, majorities of the population have agreed to the point that they find the social networking site easier to access than a medium of the communication. This tendency has led to the weak security for the users. Hence, ICT professionals can upgrade the communication system by applying innovative ideas to hold a new service. Thus, this learning course could have given more focus on the advanced technology rather giving the highest priority on the traditional way of the communication. 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